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By leonelmessi05
First: Your Wii should be modded in order to play downloaded(backup) games from the net.

Wii Modding comes in two forms: Softmod and Hardmod.
Softmod only change the wii's software in order to play your "bootleg" games.
Hardmod is actually installing a "modchip" inside of the Wii so it it accepts your backup games.

Second: You need to download the games off a site. Torrent sites usually help.

Third: Burn the games on a DVD and it should play. I'm not going to get too specific, because your question isn't too specific either.

Anyways, It saves a lot of money, but it's definitely illegal. Check Craigslist for people who are willing to mod your wii or sell you backup games. The investment is worth it because basically you'll probably spend like $100 and never have to buy a game ever again.

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