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By Justin
I have 2 distict tweeter disigns, 1 of which I would co-patten with a motivated some-one, if they had ability to help produce some samples, or possibly had manufacturing connections.

The One design idea the forum :

- a giant ball of pizo (material) golf ball size, gold plated on the out side, with a lead attached.
- it would need a relatively small empty cavity on inside with a insulated lead wire attached to again gold plating on to inside cavity wall.. cavity size would need to sized appropritly to allow piezo ball to expand.
- if there is possibly a stretchable conductive material available, it would be better suited, and substituted for the gold plating..
- this would offer omni directional sound, and insane electrical pwer handling, pretty much only limited by mechanical pwr handling (pezo crack)

- and as far as I know , this has never before heard sound characteristics which should be very accuate, not to mention, far, beyond 25000htz
- the 2nd Idea is more practical, and very possibly has more applications than just producing sound.. and awaiting the appropriate some-one.

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