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By Georgest
Now that Digital Photography is so popular, how about a hand-held device for viewing your digital photos with a decent sized screen.

Yes there are some devices that do that (like the Sony Clie), but they do not have very large screens and also have lots of other functions (unrelated to photography) that make the cost of the device rather high.

How about a dedicated photo viewer (without all those other costly functions) with a 6" x 4" flat screen, with lots of memory space for the picture files, software that allows single picture viewing and a slide show, a picture index for picture selection, maybe zooming of pictures. Files downloadable via USB cable from your PC (plus maybe from your digital camera?). Slim built with hood for viewing in daylight conditions and rechargable batteries.

Reward: One of the final products for free.
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By Steve
Maybe add the ability to stick in your CF card - but I agree the most important issue is that the device should stay as cheap and small as possible. ;-D
By Georgest
Yes that a good addition. I want to get rid of dragging all those 6"x4" prints round to friends and family, who always get them out of sequence!
By Georgest
The Nokia device looks smart, but it's a pity that it doesn't have a standard PC connection, only infra-red and the screen is rather small at 3" x 4". Fifty pics capacity is not bad, I suppose.

I wonder what price they are going to put on it when it is available next year?
By WeirdEars
Um...iPod Photo?
By Georgest
Well, the iPOD might be able to show pictures, but if you were showing your pictures to your granny, she would need her magnifying glass to appreciate them!

The screen of a suitable device would need to match the size of at least the smaller prints that the process labs print for you. 6"x4".
By salamnder
The answer for everything... wifi! Just send the jpg to the frame, just don't ask me how to do it ;)


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