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By Sam Cox
On my cell phone, I'd like a button to press while I'm driving (could be part of the car-based charger) that would inform the caller that I'm driving and will call back when possible. Perhaps double-click this button to inform that than "I'm pulling over now/soon to call you" and single-click to inform "I will call later when I get a chance." The responses could be pre-recorded by the phone's owner.

Reward: A free modified phone.
By lindasue
I was thinking the same thing but like we have on the computer with IMs we can post and away message so before you get into your car you could set your phone to this message so when someone does call they will just get that message and you not having to worry about fumbling for your phone to see who is calling while your on the road and you would be able to control what is said in that message like for example "I'm in my car on the road right now so if you get this message leave a message and I will call asap when I can" or " I'm driving don't bother"
By lindasue
and not just for the call itself but mainly for text messagers that are on the go I'm seeing more and more commercials for texting while driving campanges lately and this would also be great for the states that are enforcing the "no phone" law while driving.
By Sam Cox
Hi lindasue,

I like your idea of putting the phone into an "away" state with a preprogrammed and automatic response to incoming calls. If the phone companies could be convinced to cooperate, a person calling a phone set to the "away" state would hear a special ring tone or, perhaps, a recorded message with an option to ring through in an emergency.

Thanks for your excellent embellishments of this idea.

-- Sam
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