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In order to choose the best debt consolidation program, you need to prepare a list of consolidation companies in your area. Then collect the following information about them:

1. How long has the company been in business?
2. Does the company have good reputation?
3. Is it listed with the BBB?
4. What are its accreditations?

After you've gathered the details, follow the steps given below:

1. Research online and read reviews about the companies.
2. Ask for client testimonials.
3. Check the company records available on the BBB website.
4. Ask for referrals from your friends and relatives.
5. Go for a free consultation and look at the details about their programs, fees etc.
6. See if they are interested in working with you on their fees and payment schedules.

Compare companies and programs on the basis of the details you've collected. Only then it is possible to find out a reliable company which can offer instant debt consolidation or quick debt consolidation help to repay your bills.

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