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By johnboy1971
When blind people go out for the day, they have no way of knowing who has visited their house. My idea is a combined doorbell where the visitor can leave a recorded message for the blind person when they return home.

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By James888
John this is a great idea....and it doesn't have to be limited to just homes with blind people. If no one is home just push a button and leave a voice message....I like this one....Good Job....
By ryanc
This is an interesting concept. What about taking it further and creating a doorbell for deaf people. Maybe they have a device in their pocket that vibrates when people ring the doorbell.
By Uniqly
Great idea! I just forked it and submitted it to Uniqly. I guess I can't link to external pages yet because I'm still a new user but it's idea #120.
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By Braingobbler
Yeah I agree with the first submitter this is not limited to only blind people. I'm not blind and I still have no idea who has visited my home. Plus no-a-days people don't really carry pens and papers like they used to. So writing a note and slipping it under the door style message isn't practical. Then again if someone I know goes to my house and realizes I'm not there. We all have cellphones to be tracked down by.
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