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By mtrobregado
My idea would be similar to a piggy bank connected to the PC via USB. The device can only be opened through PC software. The user can set up the software to determine when you can open the device containing the cash. This information is stored in the USB time bank. Once the set time is up, the user can connect the USB time bank to the PC. The software can now enable the user to open the USB time bank to get his cash.
By adimarten23
Well this is great idea.To covert Piggy bank into Pc world.But Already In the market Similar product is available it’s the Ekomini Piggy Bank that is powered by the computer’s USB port.where it associates your coin-saving life with some online financial activities and games including saving, learning, goal-setting, spending, sharing and investing etc.
By mtrobregado
I am a computer engineer and I was thinking that it would be a cool idea to place my coins or paper money while using the PC. Being a Time Bank it would help me save a bit. I submitted this idea to one of those invention firms/company but, I did not have cash to continue. Maybe I will just make one for myself in the future.
By mtrobregado
DeusExMachina wrote:what if your computer crashes? you lose all your money

No, it remains in the bank.
By mtrobregado
DeusExMachina wrote:Yes but you wouldn't able to access it
no, it stays in the bank

yes, it can only be accessed if its connected to the pc via usb powering it up and with the software tool
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