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By mtrobregado
Tornadoes can cause a lot of damage to homes. My idea is that houses or homes are designed in a way that when a tornado comes, the house can retract or descend down below ground level. The top structure could be designed in a way that even if a tornado passes by, no damaged is done to the retracted house. When the tornado passes by, the house can ascend above ground level.
By mikeharris15239
You have two main problems. Wind speed and vacuum. The US Air Force had buildings designed that were supposed to be tornado proof. They looked similar to pyramids on the sides so the wind could not get much resistance from the walls but would pass over them. The problem was that the (low pressure) vacuum effect of a tornado would cause the building to explode. But enough steel framing and attachment to bedrock makes this doable.
By mtrobregado
yes, I just though of it because it is not practical to build residential homes just to be destroyed as a tornado passes by. So something must be done. I hope someone could improve or think of a good solution to the problem.
By Jras
What about gas, electricity and water pipes connected to the house. Sure they'd probably go with a tornado anyway, but this idea is to ensure safety. GAS + STRAY SPARK = BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!
By Fig
I thought of an extendable/retractable, armadillo type, half shell that could cover a whole house. The shell pieces could be made of some super strong material that could be locked to the ground when closed before a tornado strikes. The vacuum effect could be avoided if the shell was made air tight over the house possibly. Maybe a combination of the house retracting into the ground then covered by a protective, flexible, armadillo type shell would work. Just speculating. If the houses in Joplin, Missouri were specially made, the damage could have been minimal.
By trigger35
Maybe you can go even further with this idea and have the house on a rack and pin system so that it could not only retract down for tornado's but rise up when there's a danger of floods. The tracks could be hidden in each corner of the house so you wouldn't notice them. A retractable electric and plumbing supply is definetly something that can be done. Scientist do actually have a big laboratory in the polar region that rises on stilts when there's a snow storm,i'm pretty sure anyway. Hope someone comes up with something to save peoples homes anyway.
By xxx200
if we look at the problem closely we will see that a tornado damage home in the following way:

1] it blows off the roof first.Without a roof, an ordinary home becomes a house of cards in the face of a tornado.

2] next comes sidewall that is parallel to the direction of these winds .

3] then comes front wall.

4] finally back wall.

so all we need is to strengthen the connection between roof and the wall to save a home from tornado.also if we bent the side wall slightly inward so that they will never be parallal to the direction of wind will also do.

this way we can make tornado proof home.
By mtrobregado
Thanks, for all the contribution to this idea. I hope someone make this a reality. Tornadoes are a real trouble. Millions of dollars of damage done. I think it is just practical to adopt to your environment. Building a tornado proof home is one way.
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