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By Gail
Just as sunscreen keeps out the harmful rays of the sun, how about a lotion that blocks cold temperatures from hitting our skin? Just rub on the lotion and you are wearing an invisible protective "coat" to keep you warm! Wear it under clothing for added warmth in very cold climates. Take it with you hiking in the mountains and if the weather changes suddenly and turns chilly, stop and rub on your special lotion. Great for swimming in cold water without having to wear a wet suit. Excellent for emergency situations like when the power goes out in the winter and you cannot heat your house.

Reward: A lifetime supply of lotion.
By sj johanssen
anything you rub on your skin will be absorbed into your body. no matter what it's made from you don't want things absorbing into your body. also, KY makes a product you rub on that warms what ever part of the body you apply it to.
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