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By midoh
Using a miniature transmitter/reciever and G.P.S. (Global Positioning System) technology, the whereabouts of your beloved pooch is relayed to your mobile/cell-phone in real time and to the nearest metre, via text messages. Special warnings would be activated if the dog went beyond a radius specified by the exasperated owner! This device would be attached to the muts' collar. Doggy's under tabs at all times. Howwwwlll, howlllll!

Reward: A free airline ticket to U.S. from Ireland.
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By Steve
If I remember correctly, several countries already plan to make some kind of implanted chip mandatory for dogs. Maybe the technology could be used for your owner-friendly idea! ;-D
By MissPlayful
midoh - I was wondering whether you have fully considered the consequences of this idea of yours. It will only take one doggy-dude browsing the internet to come across your idea on CreativityPool and the word will be out. If the dogs of Ireland get wind of your suggestion you could be in a bit of strife. You may well need that airline ticket out of Ireland sooner than you think, and not to the USA but to somewhere that doesn’t have dogs. “There aint no place worth living on the planet that don’t have dogs!” I believe the last of the huskies have recently been removed from Antarctica so that might be your best bet. Have you seen Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘The Birds’? Don’t is my suggestion. Just pray that not a single one of the millions of dogs we share this planet with ever finds out your true identity!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Coincidence.. three weeks ago I was commissioned to invent such a device for an avid hunter millionaire. That night my patent search turned up three already on the market and they all attach to the dogs collar. One just hit the market in Japan. The other two are US. Easy Google search.

The problem is that pine needles EAT cell phone frequencies compounded by the hunters usually being too far from the nearest cell tower and satellite connections would be too expensive (requiring mobile tracking). The solution for this scenario cleared the patent search. If I get the cost down, he may still want to fund it.

This IS a really great idea. ;-D
By midoh
It's great to hear that you're on the verge of success.The problem of trees preferentially absorbing certain frequencies is a pain in the butt! Stick with it though, there must be some kind of work- around!Do not despair-remember the so-called sound barrier?
Engineers were convinced that this posed a real physical limit on what was possible ,in terms of high speed flight.It wasn't untill a more precise understanding of the physical processes involved( through wind tunnel tests on different airfoil sections) was completed did the final solution emerge: namely. make the wings of the bell x-1 of a certain aerodynamic x-section tailored specifically to super-sonic flight regimes.
Perhaps some experiments on absorbtivity of mobile phone/cellular phone frequencies should be done.The data fom such experiments might suggest an elegant solution to the problem.Remember 90-99% of the donkey work is involved in thoroughly defining the problem.Once this is done, the solution should tumble out!
Fortune favoures the brave!,
Keep persisting,

Best regards,
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By Michael D. Grissom
Thanks for the vote of confidence Mike!

I remember the X-1 and barrier resolve with passion. Who would have thought that the shock wave created by passing through the barrier would slowly travel back to the tail feathers and render them functionless (out of control). In my opinion, those guys were every bit as brave as the first astronauts. I don't think I would follow a dead test pilot on the premise that "we think we've fixed the problem -- please go back out into the unknown and find out if we are right". THAT takes either raw GUTS or an in-depth understanding of the problem and its solution.

"Dog Tracker" status; As of last night I have the funding to proceed. The originator of this thread will have their "reward" if it succeeds.

By zyx Rationalist
the transmeter of this device should be activated only when your cat is lost. the device alwalys looks at a frequency and check if the number transmitted matches with its , once the number is matched the rentransmission frequency is read from the transmission which is ofcourse whichever is available at that time and has been fed on owners request. make it a solar rechargable collar.

the nature of this thing ie to switch on transmission only when our pet is lost will make it cheap

please use this cheapness anywhere else possible

cheap comunication
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By Michael D. Grissom
Just got round two funding for the "GPS tracker" -- it's now time to build the preproduction prototype and field test it. This will be great for tracking kids too! One of our marketing slogans will be "just tell us which end of the dog you want to locate".

BTW, the 1st prototype failed because I couldn't get the blasted subject dog to stop nursing long enough to go anywhere! It always seems to be those 'little' things that trip me up. :~(
GPS Dog Tracker Prototype #1 (failed)
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