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By emberinc
They have machines that do your blood pressure for free, so why not a machine that is for people who have trouble seeing and buy over the counter glasses? Yes, you can go to the eyeglass place and get a free eye exam, but then you have to pay outrages prices for frames. Why can't they have a machine that people can go up to and do a short eye test to see what strength of over the counter glasses they need?

The reason I thought of this is because my husband wears prescription glasses and we can't afford to get another pair right now and medicaid only pays for 1 pair every 5 years for adults. We are not sure what strength of glasses he needs and it would be neat if we could go into a lets say Walmart and he could do a short eye test and get a 5 dollar pair of glasses. This could benefit kids and adults who are rough on glasses and do not want an expensive pair of glasses.
By Manic1
As usual the answer comes down to money. I myself have gone down to the flea market and purchased two identical framed sets of reading glasses - one that fits the right eye and one that fits the left. Then I pop out the lenses and make a custom pair. The eyeglass industry is big business and that is why they make such a big deal about keeping it a prescription by a doctor. There is much money to be made so they keep it that way. It is a good idea but unlikely that the medical doctors will allow it.
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