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By rajeevjosephkk
If we are able to make small hydro power generators that we can easily generate power from very small streams in our neighborhood and even from a water tank. Let the water, being pumped into the tank, flow on a fan (fixed inside the tank) which can produce electricity. Thus we can generate almost the same energy spent for pumping water into the tank. That means energy used is generated the next moment.

Reward: I would be happy if I get such a product for my own use. Please let me know if it is already in use.
By Dorje
There is unfortunately very little energy in local water. The power you can generate is either from falling great heights (like in Dams) or from high speed flows (like rapids - the height and speed are related though - the speed is often increased in hydroelectric generators). The other point you made - a generator after a pump - is unfortunately "free energy" and impossible. Any energy the generator gets from the pump has to come from the pump which has to come from somewhere. And because nothing is 100% efficient, you're always losing energy.
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