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By Dr.S.Rama murthy
Here is a bearing which works without oil,but it uses ambient air as lubricant.
It can be used for textile spindles spinning cotton/silk yarns in a ring frame machine or vacuum cleaners and other low load high speed applications. The bearing has the advantages such as--1) cost effective,cheaper by about 50percnt of conventional roller element bearing,2) produces less noise , 3) easier to manufacture and4)lower vibrations at higher speeds. Initial tests upto 30,000rpm reveal encouraging results.This has been patented.

Reward: manufacturers can decide the award
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By Michael D. Grissom
This sounds exactly like an "air bearing" which has been around for a very long time. Google searches will find hundreds of hits on this type of bearing and subject matter. The air is used to suspend the load so that lubrication is unnecessary. Also try "air bushing" in your search because that is technically what it is.
By Dr.S.Rama murthy
Regarding my invention of oil-less bearing, I would like to add that this is different from conventional air-bearing or air-bush bearing used in applications such as dentists'drill.
The bearing of the present is called "straight foil bearing" and patents have been granted in USA, UK, JAPAN and INDIA.
This has a large market, especially for textile industries and I am looking for potential buyers of this technology
Dr.S.Rama murthy
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By Michael D. Grissom
The best place I know of to license or sell this is which only list thing over one million US. It is suppose to be the worlds largest group of "finders" that do nothing but match product with process, funding, etc. The founder is a friend of ours and I know that this is NOT a scam site. You will find some things for sale on there that are not likely possible like anti-gravity, time travel, etc. Dalli has said many times that he only has just so much time to screen things like this so he counts on members to debug the wierd ones. He will not kill a listing until he is sure it can not work. I have seen groups of 747's for sale there.

If you have something better than an air-bush then you do indeed have a major winner. Hope this helps. Good luck!!

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