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By bubbler
We have waisted trillions of americans tax-dollars in Research & Developement of electric batteries, fuel cells, and hydrogen power. Only problem, is they have a 20% co-effeciency. Even a brand-new internal combustion engine only runs at about 14% co-effeciency, because of the energy it took to be able to simply "pour in" fuel and go.

So why would all that wasted energy be our solution???

Imagine if everyone was "plugging in" their cars every night, what would happen to YOUR LIGHT bill??

It takes almost 1.5 TONS of coal at a big powerplant to supply enough energy for those electric cars to barely get you to work in the morning.

Here is our solution. not only for today, but well into the 22nd century..

its free, its abundant, and above all...its clean!

Taking in a large amount of "raw-dirty air", filtering it, then presurizing it several times into a small storage tank onboard, will give out more than enough energy to get around a city. More like 400 miles on a single fill, for less than $1.50 a day. thats about 3/10 of a penny per mile. And with technology today, i can build a car that can get unlimited mileage and even clean the air as you drive.

I have designed the lightweight protective body around a custom solid, yet flexible frame, with the best engine design thats able to drop the jaws of any engineer.. simple, quiet, affordable, and durable.

Now i expect you want me to say a rock-bottom price for one of these types of cars. like some salesman. how about 20k. ha! your way off. Im thinking $200 month lease for 2 years on a 2 seater compact with basic graphics package with optional upgrade, trade-in, or customization in the future.

Here are some basic models of Vehicles:

1 & 2 Seat Commuters
1, 2, and 4 seat Compact's
2 - 6 Seat Mini-Van
2 - 6 Seat USUV (Ultimate Sport Utility Vehicle)
1 & 2 Seat Sports Cars
1 & 2 Seat Super-Cars
2 - 50 seat Buses
2 & 4 Seat Work-Trucks
1 - 3 People Stand-On Personal POD

Once the cars are on the road, the its time to link every city with an overhead POD system. imagine FLASHING to work in a few seconds for less than you spent on a cup of coffee. $4 Latte? im talkin truckstop prices, $.25 or less.

Then i can finally work on the endless power solution. Some day our electric bill will quit showing up. why should Residents pay to live in the city they support? If you install a Hybrid System to link and power a city that will adjust to everyday life with little or no maintenance, no pollution, and no noise, that city will have endless free power, so no more bill. Makes since, right? Upgrade your city to enjoy a free and healthy life.

I hope you enjoyed my article, this is just the beginning of the 21st century so you understand we have a LOT of catching up to do.

Thank you-

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