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By nodolan
This is a very simple concept but I'm amazed that I haven't seen it yet. Why can't we have smart cards for audio and visual home equipment? Why not a smart card activated hi-fi? It won't turn on without the card and won't turn off unless you remove the card... Or what about the removeable fascia that was used for a car stereo? why not have a fascia that operates both your home and car stereo? I prefer the smart card idea though. If you lose it all you have to do is bring your receipt to the store and they can 'chip' a new one for you - maybe it would be linked to the serial number of the equipment? It just seems to me that since so many homes get broken into why can't your stereo or vcr or TV have that extra level of protection that makes them useless if they're stolen?

Reward: Getting the smart-card protected device for free would be reward enough for me.
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By cynet
This would be a somewhat good idea for media rental.
Not only would VCR's DVD's and the like be activated by a key but the key could be programed to work for a certain period of time.
Therefore any device you rent out would surely be returned.

In the corporate sector, devices could be used by only select personel. And the device would be defunct if somone tried to steal it. If everyone knew though it had to be operated by a key, it would be less likely to be stolen. A sticker on your home or business would be appropriate.

Media Equiped with Smart Card.

Might also be good for a car stereo. Instead of having to take a whole faceplate with you just attach a electronic key to you keychain.
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By Michael D. Grissom

I would hope that it would be designed so that thieves wouldn't trash your entire house or car trying to find the 'spare' smart card(s) that most everyone would have at least two of (like car keys).

It probably won't be long before the smart card your wishing for is an inexpensive thumb print reader.
By zyx Rationalist
use a password or pass number instead

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