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By bubbler
the average coffee pot uses more energy than a space heater, especially commercial versions.

there are roughly 320million personal java brewers in the U.S. alone, not including the estimated 260 million commercial versions. take that times an average of 1,500 watts each....sounds like a good start to eliminating wasted energy.

with advances in science and technology, theres every oppertunity to brew a hot cup of java for less, using atleast half the energy consumed today.

i have several different designs of my own, but of course more R&D is needed for a finished marketable product.
By Dorje
I did some quick research and they typically use 0.5 to 3 kilowatts of power, like you said. However, power is not energy. Power is energy per time. They do use more power, but for much less time. The difficult part of an energy saving coffee maker is that you have to transfer a certain amount of energy to the coffee and to move the water, so you have a baseline consumption right there. Water heaters like that, especially those that take a lot of power, are about 90-95% efficient. The higher the temperature of the heating element, the more efficient the system is, and it also takes more power.
Bottom line: The highest power consumption coffee makers are the most energy saving, and designs have little room for energy savings - sorry.
By bubbler
I am sick and tired of loser know-it-all's, like Dorje, that have so much useless crap packed into their minds and everything they need surrounding them that they CANNOT take in a single neutron of positive learning. They have it all figured out, they have all the answers, they carry all the advice. Well GENIUSES, If this was actually a FACT then why is our planet being destroyed? Why is the air polluted? Why is water toxic? Why are there so many *&^% know-it-all's running around claiming to have the answers but they don't share it? instead they spend their entire lives knocking other peoples ideas!

PEOPLE WON'T LEARN, they won't take responsibility, and they're too busy pointing the finger and holding their nose!

The reason why we live in this stink hole, is because all the generations before us WILL NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. They say "they love the planet", yet go vote that following day. "Go Green!" they say, then they put $100 in gas in their $50,000 SUV. WELL, THIS IS WHAT I SAY:

1. You lie too much. 2. You have no more spirit. 3. Your answers are useless. 4. YOU need to fix it, not leave it to us!

Signing off as a young Entrepreneur that was born in the Rockies-

Generation Y, as in "why do want me to fix everything yet you criticize all my ideas and won't let me spread my wings!"
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