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By sibrahim
I know ladies are always complaining when wearing heels for a long time, or when they go out dancing and the next day their feet are killing them, but we still wear those silly heels to look good. So why not invent a regular heel, but when your tired of standing or dancing in them you can just unhook the heel part and it will reverse to cute you get 2 in one...Happy Feet, What do you think?

Reward: Happy Feet = Healthy Feet
By mtrobregado
It was not my idea. Your idea is to remove the high heel making it a flat shoe. The one I encountered internet is if you could imagine, attaching something to the high heel, making it a flat shoe but is still inclined. So, it is a completely different idea. Someone is having a design made through online job websites.
By MikelaB
I love the idea! Instead of buying a whole closet full of high heeled shoes, you could just purchase individual components such as heels, straps, buckles, and so on. Maybe you can't afford the newest shoes from Louis Vuitton, but maybe it was only the designer heel that appealed to you anyway. So instead of paying $1400 for a pair of shoes, you could now buy a pair of screw on heels for a significantly lower price and create your own look.
I would like to purpose the multipurpose "Retractable Heel." Go from flats to pumps to stilletos within seconds at the touch of a button, flick of a switch or whatever clever method the engineers develop. You can keep a set in your purse alongside your swiss army knife. :)
By jwcrowson

The good news, 8-o . is everyone loves the idea! The bad news is it's been around since the late 1800s. Go to Google's patent search feature here to view the details and type in interchangeable high heels.
By cjdelphi
It's a great idea but there is a reason it has not been done by now. It is extremely difficult to have a show which can easily change the angle and shape of the sole as high heels and flats have different shaped hard soles. If you simply took a high heel and ripped the heel off you would not be able to walk in the shoe as a flat (usually) because of the shape at the toe. Likewise, if you took a flat shoe and put heels on it you would not be able to walk on it because the shape will not support your weight. It would take some kind of new material and production to so anything like that. Maybe one day. Soon
By Lisa_09
Its a great idea. I own a stunning pair of Kate Spade pumps boots with 3 inches heel that I love to wear at night parties. I have no complaints with my pumps from the day I bought it. In fact, these are so comfortable to walk and dance around.

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