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Solar and wind gathers energy to store and use for assisted heating and cooling.

small package could offset the climate costs for homes, business, industry, even far parts of the world without power.

Several designs, including:

-roof mounted system with HVAC installed thermal unit. affordable, and very energy efficient. buy it, hook it up, and enjoy the savings.

-portable units for camping, military, personal, even emergency response. set it up and use it, that easy.

-medical units reqire extra purification. throw in a HEPA filtration system and extra power for lighting and controls and you have a mobile medical support system. portable and permanent units still offer the full benefits of any system, free power.

Typical estimates gather that "structure" emissions make up 29% of our nations pollution. adding any kind of offset plus better benefits than traditional methods will reduce, recycle, and reuse our energy more wisely.
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nothing more than a simple system of solar panels, batteries and wind turbines to offset electricity used to heat/cool a living space. upgrade capacity of major components to increase usage during night time/off-peak operations.
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Basically, from the most recent studies I have done on new High Efficiency HVAC Units (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), that when you wire up a set of solar panels to be dedicated to offset your HVAC units then you can easily supply more than what is consumed.

Example, a 3,000 square foot home typically requires a 4-ton air conditioner, so with 4-solar panels you can supply only 40% of your energy used to run the air conditioner. But, the average air conditioner cycle time is 15 minutes on every hour (for a well-insulated home). So with the solar panels generating electricity for 5 hours a day, and your air conditioner only running about 2 hours during an 8 hour day (average summer day), then that extra 3 hours of electricity actually offsets your household energy requirements.

I have assembled these into "Kit's", of which starts with "Starter Kit's" then ranges in sizes up to unlimited amounts. The average Retail price on a 250-Watt system is over $1,300.00. My kit's wire directly up to your home, install very quickly, very easy to expand (add-on), as well as several options to customize your own solar panel system.

I have a free site that i use for investor's to check out at but you can also order anything from the site as well. If you have any more questions, feel free to e-mail me at for more info and quotes for your very own "FREE POWER" kit's.

Thank you and God Bless,
Justin Bays
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