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By Jacy Morris
Since I was a little girl I've read at night or something, and not wanted to get up and turn off the light. I also am very short at 5 feet 1, and it's very difficult for me to reach things on high cabinets and such. I've dreamed of an electronic "reacher" that would turn off the light for me, and grab things that were too far for me to reach. So this is the idea I bring today. An electronic hand that is activated by a control panell on the base like a remote control. It would extend up to 10 feet on command, and grab, or turn off anything you needed or wanted it to. It would be small enough to carry in your purse or book-bag, like an umbrella, and always be there to do what you can't, or don't want to do. A miracle the short and lazy people have been praying for.
By MissPlayful
Jacy - I don’t know how practical your invention would be, but I do love the name the “Reacher”. It conjures up all sorts of possibilities. This is the kind of invention that would definitely need to be banned from schools, otherwise students would get up to all sorts of mischief with it. I can just imagine sitting there, intensely concentrating on some unsolvable maths problem, and unbenowst to me, the business end of a “reacher” is just about to latch onto my ear!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Yes but,... think about all the extra notes that can be passed to you in class without risking an evesdropper enroute. :-B
By grasshopper
This reminds me of Inspector Gadget and his hand that would reach out to do whatever. Go-go Gadget Hand...
By MissPlayful
I don’t know how old Jacy is but as an alternative to inventing a mechanical reacher, I wonder if she has considered finding a partner, either now or when she is old enough? A partner has two reachers, and if trained correctly, will do all these things you want your mechanical reacher to do and more, and you can direct it using simple voice commands. True they can sometimes become a bit temperamental and their reachers can get a bit troublesome, but if you tickle them in the right places they usually become placid and compliant again soon enough. If your partner is a man, it pays to keep a copy of the book “Are Men Redundant?” prominently displayed on your bedside table, along with a walnut cracker, and occasionally crush a walnut or two in front of him if his reachers are getting a bit out of control.
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By Michael D. Grissom
A device like this was invented, patented, and produced by a company called First Function, Inc. in Raleigh, NC about 14 years ago. It was demonstrated to me after talking to them about producing my RockAbsorber patent. Sorry I didn't remember this before but it was a brief moment a long time ago. The founder of the company was a doctor whos wife was in a wheel chair.

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