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By javaz99
Adding red to an all-black ensemble, such as this runway look from Givenchy, gives festive flair to your outfit. Photo: Victor Boyko, Getty Images
We know, by now, that knits adorned with snowmen, reindeer or Santa Claus embroidery are strictly forbidden, except in the case of the occasional ugly sweater party. And, really, even then, we're still against them.
But we're no Scrooges. We like showing our Christmas spirit as much as the next stylish gal. The question is, where do you draw the line between tony and tragic?

We went to fashion experts Penny Lovell, a celebrity stylist who works with Ginnifer Goodwin among others, Jennifer Carol Kramer, co-designer of Carol Marie jewelry, and Clinton Kelly, co-host of TLC's "What Not to Wear."

Here are five tips to spread good fashion cheer.

1. Rock the red or green. "For a smart event, a gorgeous red, or even winter green, accessory is subtle, yet in the spirit -- some great pumps or a clutch," Lovell says. "Just stick to one, though, and the rest of your outfit should be simple and chic and preferably black. This is a perfect time to pull out the LBD. Or make the most of the lady-like blouse and pant combo -- a tuxedo pant teamed with an emerald green satin or silk blouse, sky-high heels and some dramatic earrings is chic and understatedly festive."

2. Make a statement. "An easy way to dress up your office look is by adding statement jewelry," Kramer says. "You can easily get away with wearing a classic, basic dress to an event by layering on necklaces or adding a cuff. I love mixing colors, metals and materials -- anything goes with jewelry these days."

3. Accessorize smartly. "For the office, I think you can be festive and chic by mainly adding accessories -- great statement earrings, a bunch of rhinestone bangles, a pin in your hair, a higher heel, a scarf in the colors of the season, red lipstick," Lovell says. "If you really don't want to put any effort in, then just bright red lipstick is an easy way to look more festive for any holiday event."

4. Seek out shine. "For formal events, styles that include jewels or a touch of sparkle can add instant glamour," Kramer says. "Adding a cocktail ring or pair of statement earrings is an easy way to pull together your overall look. A collar or jeweled bib necklace can be the perfect compliment to a dress without becoming a distraction."

5. Be a quick change artist. "A lot of people say, oh, I've got to go directly from the office to the holiday party, how do I do that?" Kelly says. "For a woman, it's pretty easy to do that, actually. You culd wear a pair of trousers to work and something sparkly, like a sparkly tank under great jacket. And I would recommend you just bring a change of shoes to the office with you, something in a great metallic that you can slip on when you're on your way out the door. And, then, just pump up the jewelry a little bit -- try a multi-chain necklace or a great chandelier earring. And maybe a sparkly clutch. It's all about the accessories, really."

Need more holiday tips? Here's how to dress for a cocktail party.

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