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By dcolove
My daughter came up with this one. Hot chocolate powder is messy and hard to measure exactly. Why not be able to have hot chocolate in a tea bag?
By Manic1
The problem is that the hot chocolate would end up forming into one big lump and take forever to dissolve, kind of like if you pour it into a cup and don't stir it.
How about having hot chocolate pre-loaded paper cups (I hate styrofoam) where you could just pop off the lid and add water and nuke it, stirring occasionally, and have a cup in a minute?.... :-?
By greatjay
I like the idea of the hot chocolate cups! Additionally, you could add a couple small packs of sugar and a teaspoon in the sealed hot chocolate cup :)
By Mrskar1674
The problem with this idea is the fact that refined cocoa is powdery substance made from cocoa beans, whereas tea bags have ground up tea leaves that allow the water to percolate through, giving the tea it's flavor. Cocoa beans wouldn't allow the water to percolate. Powdery cocoa would do the same. It would clump up, preventing the water from percolation.
By karentrain
You would also have to invent a new type of chocolate powder, maybe a freeze dried product that comes in little tiny balls, that could bounce off each other and dissolve easily from inside a bag.

Or maybe the tea bag itself would dissolve and let the chocolate powder go free to dissolve into the cup.

Maybe the bags could be chocolate flavoured rice paper?
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