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By wowzers
Basic kindle ebook formatting tool. As of the writing of this, one does not exist. Using only the html tags available and specified on the Amazon site.

I envision a piece of software that I can copy and paste my text into a field, highlight the text, and then with one click, format it.

The program should be able to output to the Amazon zip format used with images. It should also have the ability to do bullet lines and headings size, and it should understand kindle linewraping.
By joejlitz
Kindle - I don't own an E-book and am not familiar with why you would want software to format your book(s).

If you want this moved to the Creativity Pool, please expound a little. What problem are we solving? Explain in more detail what some of the capabilities would be that you mention above.

Thanks ;D

- Litz.
I cannot imagine why something like this doesn't already exist. The only potential hiccup I can see is in how the source document is formatted. For example, converting from a .docx would be completely different from converting from a TeX document. Even converting from other XML based filetypes would be tricky since XML is by its very definition extensible. Of course none of these is a good excuse for the fact that this software doesn't exist.
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