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By MikelaB
For those of you who don't knit, let me give you a brief description of the problem. Knitting needles are not just the two sticks normally associated with the craft. Knitters also need five double pointed needles, circular needles (two needles connected by a string), and occasionally a pattern calls for a crochet hook, as well. This can get rather annoying, especially if the nearest supply store is 30 miles away.

So, instead of an ever growing pile of knitting needles, how about interchangeable pieces that screw on and off of a set of base sticks? For example, if I want to shorten a set of regular sized needles, I would just unscrew the lower parts of the needles and replace them with a shorter end. Let's say that a pattern calls for a circular needle part way through. No problem! Just screw on the ends connected by a string.

Reward: A set in every size
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