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I am developing a social network app like Skype. The problem is that on most phones like Droid X, you cannot view the other person and have them view you at the same time because the camera is on the opposite side of the touch screen. Why not make a cradle for the phone to sit in that has a reflective mirror that reflects what the camera sees back toward the user? I realize that some phones now have cameras in the front and back, but for users with small budgets a cheap cradle might do. Especially, if the cradle folded and acted like a cover so I don't have to pack yet another gadget with me.
You know, I had recently commented this exact same idea to a co-worker after he marveled at the wonders of iPhone with Facetime. Wierd to see you've made made this comment a while back. Now, I've since "upgraded" that idea to simply just hack the hardware and put the rear camera up in front somewhere.
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