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By javaz99

I thought I'd posted about this pattern before but a quick search of my archives (and, more tellingly, my image files) sez no. I have an eBay search set up for this, but I keep not buying it since I think I already have it. Somewhere. In a box. (Underneath another box, which is underneath a plastic bin, which is sitting on top of the one box cutter in the house that still works. Can't you tell I love moving? Also, have you seen my screwdriver? The tool, not the drink.)

However, if YOU don't have this pattern it's up right now (in B34, but the image was crappy so I used this one from the wiki) on eBay. Click on the image to visit the auction.

And -- is it just me, or does this pattern illustration look like a scene from a movie musical? The lead is in the dark dress, belting her heart out about some man, while the other women pretend not to notice that someone is SINGING in PUBLIC, while chiming in on the choruses.

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