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By javaz99
So I admit that I get those emails from Gilt Groupe (note the superfluous "e" which stands for "exclusive" or possibly "excess") and I also admit that I do click through from time to time, despite nearly everything being either upwards of $100 and a size 4. (I have bought a few things there, but only for my husband, who has a Ted Baker obsession -- the men's stuff tends to be cheaper, like Nordstrom Rack prices.)

On today's guilty click I saw this Zac Posen dress, which I really like. Okay, mostly like: ... 470970c-pi

I love the color blocking and the seaming (and that's it's denim, which I think is cool and wearable) but ....

-- what's with the pulling over the abdomen? It's not like the model has a belly to account for! If designers are expecting people to be CONCAVE now, I am just going to strap on a movie-prop pregnancy belly and go way over the top in the other direction.

-- I feel like there should be pockets in this dress. (I'm just saying.)

-- And who killed the model's pet goldfish? C'mon, people, I know sullen and pouty is in for fashion photography right now (when has it ever been out?) but ending an innocent animal's life to get the "right pose" seems a bit harsh.

-- It costs THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. (But list price was $850! What a "bargain"!)

Clicking on these Gilt Groupe emails is interesting -- I see not only what designers actually produced for sale (as opposed to what you see that was made for the runway at places like but also what *didn't* sell. Most of the time I can figure out why the stuff didn't sell (a hint: "ugly" tends to hang on the racks), but every once in a while I can't figure it out (although $850 + recession might have been a clue here). So I guess me looking at a sale site for clothes I will never buy or wear is RESEARCH. For the BLOG. Right?

(Gilt Groupe is a "members only" website -- whatever that means, since I didn't have to undergo any hazing -- but as far as I know all you need to join yourself is to be invited by someone who is already a member, so if you'd like to join you can click this link. Disclosure: That link is connected to my account and will give me some kind of credit, again towards stuff I will never buy, so it seems moot. There are no dues or fees involved in joining Gilt Groupe. It may be a time suck, but -- as we've just decided -- it's RESEARCH.)

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