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By dtlp
Imagine a watch with a small compartment that is holding your very own favorite fragrant of scent of perfume from COOL WATER to TOMMY HILFIGER. Just with the press of a button, the misty delight will hit your skin, making your odor once again desirable and pleasant to the senses. It truly is an ubelievable thing.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I have always thought (not proven) that the best way to find a potential soul mate is to smell their natural body odor from something like the hair or nape of the neck before any scents are added. I sometimes think that with all the make-up and perfumes that we have eliminated one of natures best natural selection processes. There's nothing more nauseating than being stuck in an elevator with someone that smells like industrial number 7 rose extract. However, if this is what turns you on, try soaking one of those round band-aids (the diameter of your watch) in your favorite scent and then stick it to the back of your watch. The breather holes should allow it to escape at about the right rate. If that works for you then you might be on to something really great.

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