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By maurieo
I want a cell phone that fits my needs exactly with so many features it is hard to find the best fit to my requirements. I would like a piece of software that operates on a sort of binary key concept to help me isolate the best phones across all makes to suit my needs. Perhaps a website could be created to do this, it could be funded by a commission from sales with manufactures presenting their data for moderation and addition to the database. The idea would work for a variety of other things besides phones.

Reward: I would save a lot of time finding exactly what I wanted without reading a lot of useless information.
By mer2329
great idea.
also an interface emulator as you always have to buy the phone in order to try it out (the stores only display pieces of plastic with cardboard images as examples for most phones). and if you don't like it you have to pay return shipping and sometimes a restocking fee
that's why I hate buying a cell phones
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