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By javaz99
....but not the kind you thought! With a piece of the finest silk that was gifted to me by my daughter's friend's mother. The woman in case is extremely tasteful, elegant and only wears black, white and creme clothing (usually of the expensive variety). Imagine my delight when she handed me 2 metres of gorgeous, hideously expensive silk - left over from a dress that she'd had made.

I have been working on this blouse for quite a while. Silk is not a particularly cooperative fabric and I wanted my blouse to be something special. I think I succeeded - just needs buttons to finish.

I used Simplicity 2501 a pattern that I have been keeping my eye on since I saw Eugenia's version back in September. It has separate sizing for D cups, so didn't need much adjustment. I did make two changes to the pattern and construction. Firstly, after cutting the longer ruffled sleeves, I decided I didn't like them. This left no choice but to cut away the massive sleeve head and pleat the sleeve into place at the shoulders. I really like the sleeves which look very vintage. The other change I made was to self line the flounce and to line the peplum. I did this to achieve a couture finish and to provide the extra weight needed as the fabric was very fine.

I was also able to put to use the understitching technique I learned at my first sewing guild meeting. This is such a simple thing - after clipping facing seams, open the facing out and stitch the facing and both seam allowances very close to the seam. This helps the outer fabric to roll neatly over the facing. I also did it around my peplum lining to great affect. I wish I knew the things I'm learning 20 years ago!

I promise to post a picture of me wearing the blouse when the buttons are on.

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