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By javaz99
We had a long weekend for the Queens Birthday (absurd yes, she is the Queen of England and it is not even her real birthday!) but I didn't do much sewing. My DD went away with friends for the weekend so husbie expected some attention. We had a great time. Highlights were seeing the new Australian film Animal Kingdom, one of the few truly great Aussie films by a first time director and starring some of our finest actors. No Nicole Kidman wasn't in it (that's why it was so good!) and seeing the dishy Australian actor singing the songs of Jacque Brel at the Basement. It was funny returning to the Basement, which was a hang of ours in our beatnik days of the late 70s. It looked like the same crowd there, but their goatees had gone grey. The bar stools didn't feel as comfortable either. Couldn't be possible!
Anyway, all things Francophone made we think up another jolie Jalie project. I used a metre of red and white striped rugby knit that I originally bought at Tessutis to make a pair of rompers for my eldest daughter. This child is now 18, so that is serious stash busting! I added some white merino jersey scraps for the ties and a cuffed sleeve.

I thought it all looked great, until DD came home. "You look like Sailor Moon" she wailed. Oh well, at least I match my doggie Alfie.
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