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By Nancy Susan Mills
How can wind be concentrated, by collecting that which it blows? Wherever the wind blows there is energy. Wind mills are successful but have requirements which limit their effectiveness. This idea has limits, but may be effective in places where windmills are not.

This process begins with a pile of fine sand placed at the bottom of a chute which will funnel the blowing sand up into a container. The container is supported on a spring which begins to compress as the container fills with sand. As the spring compresses, attached gears turn a generator. When the spring is fully compressed, at a point above the initial position of the sand pile, the container dumps the sand into a chute which funnels the sand back to its initial position. The spring then continues to generate electricity as it lifts the container back to its initial position. The process then begins again.

Reward: Satisfaction and joy
By jodonow
where would it be better then windmills? as far as I know you can put windmills anywhere, it' just that some spots are better then others so those are being used first, but there is no limit... I don't see how using the wind to displace matter and then use the weight of the matter is better then convencional windmills.

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