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By your mom
Ever been out in the extreme cold, or heat for that matter, mowing the grass, or picking leaves, well, there is a good solution now. Simply install an already manufactured system that allows you to drive your mower from the comfort of your home. Or get a machine with the system built into it. Simply use a remote; with various functions to drive the machine.

And how about this, installing your christmas tree is always a pain in you know where; cuz if you don't, well. Anyway, why not get a self powered christmas tree, this tree would expand or contract at the push of a button. It would turn on automatically when measuring daylight conditions, or simply set the hour. And with a little thought, and with some developed laser technology, you would not have to worry about getting accessories for your tree. Such would be holograms. And then you would have a lot more leisure time.

Reward: One of the inventions mentioned above
By mtd28student
I thought that setting up a christmas was suposed to be a fun family time....

I think that almost every invention ever created does what you suggest. They all help in some way, for example a leave blower/sucker make picking up leaves easier - just not to the extent that you invision.

Your idea(s) is where technology is heading in the future (in some cases it is almost there with robotic automatic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers e.t.c), but it is going there in small steps.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I must agree with 'student' on the Christmas fun viewpoint. What would naturally follow that plan would be holographic present wrappings/boxes. No need for all that wasted time, money, and mess. Just flip a switch and the holographic wrappings and boxes simply disappear. That would trim at least 70% off all that wasted time getting through Christmas. But then,... "if I had MY way, every fool who went about with Merry Christmas on 'is lips would be boiled in his own pudding and buried with a stake of holly through 'is heart!" (Scrooge).

Have a very merry Christmas everybody!!! ;-D
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By magicat
Holograms instead of Christmas?! :~( :~( :~(
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