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By canup1990
I have a suggestion.

I was thinking: Can there be a sleep mode feature in a mobile phone?

It can be very annoying when one receives calls while one is sleeping. But placing the mobile phone in silent mode while asleep is not the best solution as you can miss important calls.

There can be a sleep mode. It would be similar to silent mode, but when a call is received from certain numbers more than twice or thrice, the phone will ring. The logic is that when there is something important to convey, a person calls more than once. The owner of the mobile phone will be able to program multiple phone numbers to the sleep mode list.

Reward: I would like to receive the first phone with this feature.
By markniklas
Nice sharing,

Yes it is most easy and convenient way to keep your mobile phone on sleep mode rather than silence.Because the chances to miss important calls diminish.
By djonathan
I never thought of something like this, but it could be a life saver (literally). I always turn off my phone when I sleep, because I don't want to be disturbed, but I am worried someone could be in trouble and in need of my help. This type of solution sounds perfect for me, I hope they will implement it someday.

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