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By Thudchief
Due to the problem of mobile/cell phone use during driving, mortorcycle and bike riding and the related accidents and injuries, a motion/speed sensor function can be easily inserted into mobile/cell phones to disable the ringer and keyboard functions while in motion. The average person running will attain a speed of less the 10 miles per hour. Mobile/cell phones should be disabled at speeds above 10 MPH. This should be an active sensor to turn on and off the cell functions as speed goes above or drops below 10 MPH. This would allow texts messages to be received and calls to ring and force the driver to either pull over and respond or respond at a later time. As older mobile/cell phones become obsolete or broken, they will be replaced by attrition, with models containing this new safety device.

Reward: Free- However will accept a finders donation
By joejlitz
Many new vehicles come with a Bluetooth function installed to enhance safety and the conversation takes place over the vehicle factory-installed speakers.
By Thudchief
Bluetooth capability does not address the texting while driving issue. Bluetooth has not lowered the distraction factor either. Disableing the phone while in motion over 10MPH does. However some draw backs are being a passenger in a vehicle, buss or train. This little inconvience is well worth it in terms of lives saved.

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