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By Justin Valle
Everybody who's ever gotten a ticket within 1 hour of parking or within 1 mile of their front door has a special place in their heart for meter maids. Back when Obama first stepped into office I remember him saying to check our tire pressure (or was that Bush?), whatever the idea's solid; everyone keeps their tires up and we lower our fuel dependence significantly.

The Idea: Have meter maids conduct a simple check of each tire's pressure for anyone parked at a meter or any other paid city parking. If a tire's low, they leave a little sticker on the window signifying which one(s). And when I say "simple check", I mean simple! There's got to be some quick-sloppy method to check if a tire is well underinfalted. If you see a chalk mark on your tire, then you know they checked and it was good. Maybe the meter maids take longer and more need to be hired, so be it! The additional salaries would pay for themselves!

The Result: People spend less on fuel and meter maids earn some well deserved respect

Reward: Name the method after me (i.e. j-tap, or the valle-test)

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