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By krylon
I was wondering if there was a website or a place that lists all of the currently known e-liquid additives?
I currently only know of the following:
Sweeteners (sucralose, stevia)
Menthyl methyl lactate (PA's Koolada)
Ethyl Maltol
Malic Acid (PA's Sour Mix)
Q-Hit (Throat hit additive)
Throat Hit +
Diablo Loco (A DV flavor concentrate that adds TH due to SHU rating of 500,000)
PGA (Added to thin VG or add throat hit)
Menthol Crystals/Liquid
Herbal Extracts

I was hoping that there was a more concise list that showed which vendors carried additives and the effects of the additives on e-liquid. I believe that new DIYers would benefit from a list of additives for eliquid. I gained my list solely from items that I've seen vendors carry during my purchases and I'm sure that there are more out there. For example, I know there are bitter agents and PH balancers available but I have no idea of possible vendors. Similar to the bubbly effect in colas. I've studied carbonation techniques, but I'm unsure if this is a safe thing to do to an e-liquid.

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