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By dante

BUILT-IN SPEAKERS to listen to audio content that is on your SMART USB FLASH DRIVE. VOICE RECONITION controls that allow you to fully control your device when there isnt another device around. BUILT-IN projector that allows you to watch movies,play flash games,watch music videos and tv shows that are stored on your smart usb flash drive.

compatible with all files.

you switch between 2d and 3d projection.

the microphone port is on the left side of the smart usb flash drive.

the projection comes out of the bottom of your smart usb flash drive then you simply point the smart usb flash drive at a blank wall and set it down on a
table or bookself and enjoy your movies but makesure there arent any objects in between the projection and the blank wall, for a 100 inch screen simply place your smart usb flash drive on top of a surface that is taller than 8ft and is 5ft away from the blank wall.since it already has built in speakers the sound will be made by the smart usb flash drive.

to charge your smart usb flash drive just simpley plug it into a laptop,pc, or anything that has a 2.0 usb port, once the smart usb flash drive is fully charge it make a beeping sound. when plugged into a device the energy used to run the device is also transfered to the smart usb flash drive.

the storage space on the smart usb flash drive is about 32 gigabytes with a transfer rate of 10 gigabytes per secound.
the sync-transfer rate is 15 gigabytes per secound.

Take it all with you on A reliable smart USB flash drive. Transfer with confidence when moving images and other files from computer to computer or other consumer electronic devices

Ideal for video AND the easy way to store favorite video files

allows you to sync and transfer your data miles away to other digital devices wirelessly.

the sync feature allows for you to transfer files back and fourth between devices, you can transfer to smart phones, sony playstation portible,nitendo ds,gaming consols,laptops and pc's,and digital cameras.

Reward: knowing that my idea actually worked and is being profited in the market place, or 1000 dollars.

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