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By stanyslaw
for centuries you been forced to have others smell your fecies at home, public restrooms, and at family and friends residence feeling quite embarrassed when someone else enter the bathroom. Now come the revelutionary product,as you are taking a dump it will be a specialize bag that is catching it preventing the smell to be released attached with straps when you are done you twist and pull into the toilet by grabbing the outter bag which is protecting you from any fiecie to come in contact with touching the outter bag ,then attached is 3 special pads for wiping once the pads come in contact with the area it activate a strong fragrance feeling the entire room and drop pad into the toilet as well having a extra clean back side and room smell of various flavors by choice. The bag is toilet flushing safe along with the pads, use for camping,traveling,no toilet around dispose bag and pad into garbage smell free beside the fragrance

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