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By stanyslaw
The economy is a mess everyone is focused on the employment job creation so who are really responsible for getting job opportunities is it the big major corp car manuf,cell phone corp,disturbution centers, small businesses? I think each city need to look at this problem individully and find out what services can be created to help enhance that city employment for ex here in Columbia SC the homeless situation is bad where employers are making sure they do not get a job by extra screening making sure you have to have a college degree to work as a dishwasher or do janitorial work the easier job that doesn't require a skill but they adding that you need to be experienced 5 years, or willing to work any shift for $6 hr at call, have to have a cell,no more than 4 residences in last 5 years it's a mess here. The person who was laid off working 20 years with degrees can't find the same job so they end up getting that custodial job messing it up for the unskilled middle age person seeking work. I believe the city need to have those employers removed those overboard requirements and qauification and test's for dishwashing,parking cars, janitorial,general labor jobs anyone can do on the job training giving everyone a fair chance at survival

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