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By next2know1
I am a college athlete who is addicted to dr. pepper. On many occasions my coach has forbidden us to even look at a soda and everywhere we eat we are forced to drink the healthy alternative; water. So many times i had wished there was clear dr. pepper so that i could trick my coach into thinking it was water.

Reward: you will no longer have to drink yucky water
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By Michael D. Grissom
Compromise and try pure carbonated water.

Also, if you completely eliminate sugar from your diet for about 5 days, you'll hate the next Doctor Pepper (or any sugar/sweet soda) you drink. Like a lot of other things you build a 'tolerance' for, drop it for a few days and the next time you try it -- YUCK!!!
By krogsbw
pepsi had clear pepsi back in the day, it didnt fly so well for them... sorry, guess it worked out sorta like green ketchup
By sneezyalex
Just get dr. peper to not put the coloring in it. Then you have clear dr peper. Like gatorade. They stoped putting color in some of their drinks.

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