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By next2know1
As a stessed college student, i like to think back to the good ol' days of recess and wish that i had a playground to play on. I propose that playgrounds be put on university campuses that are fit to an adults size and weight. This would relieve so much of my stress and tension.

Reward: an even bigger ball pit!!! adult size!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Have you considered bungie jumping from your dorm?
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By Greenearthman
Decent idea, paintball is stress relief for adults. in japan they have these rooms where you pay a fee, then break all the lamps, mirrors, furniture, etc and come out stress free.
Perhaps, you could start boxing?
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By franis
I've heard of people who worked together doing a paintball excursion. The teller of this story really enjoyed nailing someone "dead" that they had hated because they had worked at cross purposes for so long in the company, finally.

When I have turned the kid playground into my own, it was usually at night when I would just take over existing playgrounds. The playground toys I particularly enjoy was the round metal one that spins with various bars you can hold onto that you can get going as fast as you want. Then there were the humogous teeter=totters that also spin around. For some reason probably insurance reasons, they don't make those particular ones anymore.

I had the idea, from many intimate relationships that contained play fighting, that regular play fighting sidesteps random agression within relationship. So from this, I thought that people, couples in particular, need to be taught how to fight playfully, nobody getting hurt. From this idea I imagined play fighting workshops for couples. It turns out that it's very much like swing dancing the times I tried it with people I knew at parties. In fact, I just saw a great club where people go to swing dance together - really fun to watch people having so much fun.

For birthday parties, I conscripted eleven people to lift me up and carry the honored guess around on their fingertips. It's great fun and doesn't take anything but a bunch of people who don't have back problems.

then I remembered the Whole Earth type "NEW Games" of the 1980s where people used to get together and play ultimate frisbee and other variations of "capture the flag" in large groups. One of the main attractions of Red Rock Beach near Stinson Beach, CA is the practice of playing Ultimate Frisbee as nude as you dare.

I remember the group games I played as a kid such as "Red Rover" and massive neighborhood games of hide and seek and water and circus games. BTW, learning to juggle when you can toss to each other is a great way for adults to play with each other, but it does take some time to develop. But wow, it's really fun to do.

I once thought up a great toy for adults. Because I learned to walk on stilts with a rope to hold onto, I realized that you could run really fast on stilts if you had something to hang onto for safety that fits under your arms or you could wear gloves, etc. This worked really well for people without any experience of being on stilts. It's a gas to do, having tried it, (I used gloves, and didn't even fall the first time I went the distance of the ropes.) But if you fall, you can just lower yourself down and take off the stilts so you don't get hurt, or sometimes you can hoist yourself up back on the stilts and keep going. You can make a passable set of three foot stilts with pvc and a set of crutches turned sideways, with a set of calf high shoes bolted onto them. Be sure to wear high, thick socks.

Then I really got into how cool rope bridges are to be on, like giant nets that the San Diego Zoo has for its animals to stay in their cages. Anyway - these are some of my ideas of playgrounds for adults.
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