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By Rawice
I thought that since there is more trees on this earth than any other thing to burn why not harvest its energy, tree sap. On researching it I found third world countries are tapping trees to run deisel cars and tractors from tree sap..
The idea is to produce ethanol using tree sap as the feedstock
in conjunction with the use of a sap collectionand andethanol production
into one comprehensive ethanol production process.

The use of tree sap as the feedstock for the production of ethanol
is that it will reduce the demand on corn, sugar cane, or other crops
that have a value other than ethanol production.

An advantage is that many species of trees that
are not otherwise of commercial value may now have a commercial value.
A feature that unlike feedstock used in the ethanol production
processes that use sugar cane and corn, tree sap is a perennial feedstock.
That is, it does not need to be sown every season as corn does.

Another feature of this process is that grain crops like corn must be processed
prior to beginning fermentation. Once harvested, the corn must be milled,
cooked, cooled, and then mixed with an enzyme to break down the starches into
fermentable sugars. This idea requires no processing of solid materials
as is necessary with all current known crops, requires no additives as is required
with grain crops, and does not require annual planting and harvesting as is
necessary with both grain and sugar crops. Tree sap may be
fermented without any processing occurring prior to the addition of yeast.

Reward: I plant seeds so others can benifit. No reward. Just the pleasure of sharing!

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