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By shankitr
Invent a drug that would help you change your skin colour as per environment. Would it not end racism? What's your skin colour today?

Reward: would like to have one free from anyone inventing it
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By Michael D. Grissom
You might enjoy watching the movie "The Elephant Man" starring Anthony Quinn to get some more insight on the problem you're trying to solve.

What's really needed is a pill to eliminate ignorance. ;-D
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By Steve
How about a special kind of food coloring to pour into your bathtub? Could work just the way you usually dye your hair... :-?
By shankitr
hi micheal and steve

thanks a ton for response... n well u did eliminate my ignorance to the extent of movies that i never knew thatz true it is ignorance n education that wud do the trick... thanks a lot.. btw what do u do.. keep in touch.... and steve.. thatz a gud one... well but dont u think that wud fix only one for till the next bath is atken.. am talking of colours that u cud change as n when
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By Greenearthman
Good idea, but a more tolerant culture would more easily cure the problem, but i have to admit i would try it if your invention was real.

That just seems like a monumental task that would require a lot of research and development.

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