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By sj johanssen
I think trains should have paintball, pellet, or BB guns fixed to the locomotive to shoot at people are walking on the tracks. Most of the time, when someone gets hit by a train the number one reason (besides stupidity) is that they are wearing earphones turned up too loud. If you shot him a few times, he might just have enough time to get off the tracks and keep his life.

Reward: The reward would be getting to shoot a stupid person with a pellet gun.
By joejlitz
I think this is funny and has merit at the same time. I don't know that the number one reason kids don't get off the tracks is because of headphones, but obviously the roar of the engine and the train's whistle aren't sufficient in all cases. I also don't know if a BB gun would be a great idea - suppose you shot the guy in the head? But overall, something might could be done to improve the warning system.
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