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By NCoppedge
An index concept of programming incorporating AI-learned preferences to create functional and quickly accessible category options.

As a basis for this, opposites can be used as a basic conceptual framework for determining modes and contexts that constitute areas of functionality that have exclusivity.

The menu format makes major errors easily correctible.

Reward: I'd like to see consumer-level editions of this for designing books, artwork, etc.
By NCoppedge
Formatting menus to look like diagrams could expand the capacity of a standard indexical format. By "index" I don't necessarily mean a standard index as you might expect it to appear. Instead, every listing within the menu is categorized typologically so that the system efficiently uses all available options. If the index requires "dummy" listings that are dysfunctional, this just implies that the implementation needs to be re-designed.

Within any area of discrete applicability, exclusive categories combined with a menu-index system should create a logical network for refining and re-defining functional definitions or object-states, so that systems-level decisions can be made on the fly.
By NCoppedge
I take for granted that this concept could apply to interactive experiences in which one creates a scenario which may consist of category-based impressions in addition to standard visual and sound content.

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