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By gibso28999
A scanner can be very useful. Especially as new technology makes scanners better, they come in very handy. But their are big and bulky. And if you have a laptop and you need to scan in documents on while on a 10 hours plane ride, forget it. I propose a laptop with a scanner built into the top of it. Help me out if you got any technical ideas to make this work, but it will be a flip top with a scanner underneath, that when scanned gets transfered directly to your hard drive. Makes life easier, and Americans love two-in-ones.

Reward: lifetime supply of foot-long beef hot dogs.
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By cynet
It would be best if the laptop computer screen swiveled, like a tablet. The scanning bar would be between the screen and glass. This would have to be very thin.
You could use the same technology on desktops. Just hold your document up to the screen and scan.
It would be ingenious to develop biometric technology for this devce.
Just place your hand on the screen and scan, or just hit scan and it scans your face. ;-D
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By Michael D. Grissom
Why not add the thin scanner lid to the bottom of the laptop and incorporate the scanner mechanism into the bottom side of a thicker laptop.

For now we use tiny hand held 'pocket' scanners which cover a small strip of the page at a time and have software smart enough to put all the strips together when your finished. I've never used one but it makes sense.
By TechnoMaster

They already had this made a very long time ago when the laptops were still coming out.

The laptop was very thick ( I think it was a Toshiba but not sure). It had a small slot at the bottom of the laptop that fits for a paper. Then inside they had two levels of equipment; the first was a scanner that scanned the paper you put it, the second I think was a printer strip that print on a blank paper that you insert.

But they only did them in one model and stopped afterwards.
You can guess why:
1. VERY thick laptop.
2. VERY unsafe to have ink in a portable device that moves around all day.
3. VERY VERY expensive for nothing special.

Hope I did a good job repying to you as this is my first post here.

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