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By paigetheoracle
My proposal is Government based. It is simply to deal with the flooding of the Indus Delta and the humanitarian crisis it evokes. It requires the building of wooden rafts with anchors and, possibly masts and steering mechanisms, to ensure that when the floods come to the region, the majority of the population that is usually affected, survives by floating above the rising waters or drifts away and is picked up by naval or civilan craft in the area. To facilitate this, buoys could be floated out in the bay, for drifting rafts to anchor to or booms to catch them when they drift away from the main driving force of the rivers current.

The rafts could carry survival rations and water containers or distilling mechanisms, to ensure fresh water supply. They could be either family based and be lived in all the time, in the countryside, ready for such an emergency or communal. Inflatable craft could also be stored in villages and towns, within a building made expressly for the purpose, to supplement wooden built rafts, that might be impractical in crowded housing conditions.

The wooden rafts should have a house or hut on top of them for shelter, whether lived in or net, to provide shelter from the elements. It might even be possible to supply bouyancy devices, to be fitted to livestock, in order to stop them drowning in the floods too but this would depend how practical this would be.

People should be instructed what to do should the situation arise and how to signal for help if their anchor ropes should break, causing them to drift away from the land (Flares could be provided, with instructions to only use them at night when they can be best seen, unless the weather conditions make it imperative that landfall occurs as quickly as possible/ Noise makers like gas generated, hand-held horns, could be used to also attract attention, especially during the day and maybe thunder flashes or mirrors for signalling).

Naval craft and even civilian ones could be drilled on what to do in an emergency and how to co-ordinate rescue missions: Liaison with international rescue teams could also be laid on, to assist, should they be based in the area or passing through on exercises.

Local communities should also be drilled on what to do during a crisis, so that there is no panic, just orderly routines, carried out automatically in response to the situation (appropriate acts at appropriate times, co-ordinated and executed at certain signs).

The Dutch are already developing their own answer to this situation by building floating houses on floodplains at Maasbommel and possibly elsewhere. This is probably too sophisticated a solution for the Indus Delta but the principle is the same - float the population and reduce disruption to a minimum.

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