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By gracken
okay, so this idea is kind of out there:

the idea is to look at hemorrhaging patients in an E.R. as having a plumbing problem. arteries are very much like household plumbing the heart: a pump, right?

so let's say a patient is stabbed through the heart and is bleeding to death. what to do?

simple, would say the engineer, isolate the heart from the rest of the body and somehow take over the job of blood circulation for a time, so you can repair the cut. how do we do this?

you make two "injections" into each major artery, one "downstream" of the other. the first injection, upstream injects an inert kind of sticky foam, the kind used in non lethal weapons, to clog up the artery.

next, downstream, you "inject" the artery with a small rubber tube. the rubber tube goes into the artery, very small, very narrow. a stint, like the ones used in angioplasty pulls open the tube and artificial or blood transfusions flow into the artery.

the heart is thus isolated from the rest of the body, less bleeding allows the heart to be sowed up and defibrillated if necessary. if the patient is awake, one would have to sedate them, for obvious reasons.

it would be advantageous if you could pull this off without opening the chest cavity.

this would work not just on heart hemorrhages but any kind of wound, say in a leg or other limb.

once the repair is done, you find some way to remove the plug and the hose, maybe dissolving the sticky foam so it can safely pass through the system. if the repair is not possible, the patient can at least be given some time for a transplant to be arranged.

i know, weird idea, sounds like science fiction, but weirder things have been put to use. so... whatever.

Reward: an apple to keep the doctor away
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By joejlitz
Actually, this doesn't sound weird. It makes sense.

My question is - how do you know this isn't what they are currently doing? If they are not doing this, what are they doing and why is your recommendation better?

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