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By NewIdeas45
What exist is a voice dialing box with limited numbers that you have to program.

I am suggesting that the box be connected to an Internet enabled PC, running an application that would read the local online telephone directory.

The application would be controlled by the users voice and would dial the telephone number once instructed to do so.

The device would be a small box with two RJ11 ports to interface with the line and the telephone. They would be marked LINE and TEL. The device would have appropriate telephone line protection and audio coupling components.

The device would be connected to the computer via USB and would receive power from the USB. Appropriate activity lights would be installed.

The idea is that a user would pick up the receiver, dial the remote code to bring the box online, then ask the application to dial Tom Jones for them.

Later versions of the application would allow call recording, 3-way calling and voice mail.

Reward: Just bring the product to market! You already have one customer.

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