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By cynet
It would be nice to have a stove that knows when something is boiling over, or if it is running dry so it could turn itself off. This goes for gas stoves and grills as well. Figure that one out!
By shankitr
a very nice idea indeed.. i have had this rouble.. n nevere thot of one as urs... wonderfull keep it up
shankitr ;-D
I think it could work. Have little arms that reach into the pot while your cooking when your out of the room or something. It would check tempature,dryness, and running over. Can't you kinda picture that. ;-D
By Rishi
There is a Chinese pressure cooker with gas stove on the market. This swiches off the gas when cooking is over. The technology is straightforward enough. The issues relate to safety, Failsafe operation, power pack, sensors and such. A new latching type solenoid valve has been patented in the US, which consumes negligible power , which has been used for some prototypes of the kind of 'smart stove' suggested.

An interestuing variant has used an ingenious thermopile to generate the power from the stove itself. Thus eliminating the need for a power source. Maybe the stuff will hit the market soon.


By JestBlaze
Imagine you put a pot of water on your brand new induction stove top burner and press a button. The water starts boiling in under 5 minutes, and just when you think it's about to boil over the weight sensor on the stove-top senses the weight loss and recudes the heat automatically. A weight sensor in a induction stove top with its own pot set would be freaking cool!

Reward: I want one!
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